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Elastomer plates in use

August 2021

Press plates up to 60mm

 For wall and shaft penetrations, rubber press seals are used to seal pipes that are to be newly installed or have already been laid. The seals are inserted with stainless steel pressure plates at the penetration points and the integrated rubber discs are pressed together so strongly that core drillings or casing pipes are professionally sealed absolutely gas- and watertight.

EPDM and NBR press plates are used as the material for the rubber seal, which must have a thickness of up to 60 mm.

FKM, FDA-compliant according to 21§177.2600

March 2021

In the food industry, FKM is often used when temperatures exceed +140 °C or when media are used that attack other elastomers such as EPDM or HNBR. Therefore, our FKM quality is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) -compliant.   

With the FKM quality (75 Shore) from our cooperation partner TOVO GOMMA, Italy, we not only have a quality in our program that has excellent resistance in mineral oils and greases, but with an MPa value of >9 it also has very good tear strength.  The material has excellent resistance to high temperatures and shows good resistance to weathering and aging.



Peroxide cured EPDM sheets

January 2021

NEW in the portfolio - Made in Europe
Versatile and durable - this and much more is inherent in the material properties of ethylene-propylene-diene rubber.
As of now in our product range, a peroxide-cured EPDM elastomer sheets with temperature resistance up to 160°C and compliance with DBL 6038.14. In addition, a low temperature down to below -50°C as well as best ozone and UV resistance.
A very good compression set over a long period of time also speaks for itself. 


 EPDM Elastomer sheet 25 Shore

November 2020

NEW in the portfolio - Made in Europe

When foams are too critical due to the softness and dimensional stability of the sealing material and solutions with conventional rubbers are too hard or not compressible enough, use our EPDM grade with only 25 Shore. 

This synthetic ethylene-propylene-diene rubber has outstanding material properties due to its molecular network structure and combines flexibility and durability. It is also characterized by its high resistance to steam and hot water and shows excellent resistance to aging, weathering and environmental influences, as well as acids and alkalis.

EPDM sheet according to EN 45545-2

June 2020
Extension of the product portfolio with fire resistant EPDM elastomer sheet according to EN 45545-2/2015.
Hardness approx. 62 Shore A
-color black, manufactured in Europe